May 16, 2014
4 years, 8 months and 1 Day since
our Reunion.
"P R I D E" - Proudly Real In Devoting Excellence

A song of loyalty
We'll try to sing to thee
To the college we love
And though it's hard to say
What's in our hearts todaya
We shall float our praise above
Though words cannot express
What action we'll confess
Our very best we'll give to thee
From our hearts we shall sing
And our praise we'll give
As we honor our school today.
O comrades valiant, for Alma Mater
Sing her praise to the sky
Her aspirations, her loyal standard
Be forever sung on high
We will pray every day
for her lasting memory
We will hope that the years
will bring constant victory
Still singing, of loyalty tower,
of lasting power
We'll give praise forever to thee.

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